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fire safetyFire safety is a critical part of every home, every household should be fitted with adequate and up to date fire alarms.

These days there are so many different fire alarms to choose from, the choice of hard-wired vs battery operated, multi sensors such as carbon monoxide / smoke vs simple smoke detectors etc. These choices can be very difficult for the average consumer.

At BuyFireSafety.com you will find only the leading fire alarms on the market, our review of them, and where you can buy them at the cheapest possible price!

Arguably, the top alarm brands on the market at the moment are First Alert and Kidde. Choose one of these and you can be guaranteed you and your family will be alerted at the first signal of a house fire or carbon monoxide leak.

Here are a few of our favorite fire alarms:

First Alert Fire Alarms

  • First Alert SA720CN – Battery operated with an ‘Escape Light’ which lights the way to your exit.
  • First Alert SC9120B – Fast installation and dual sensor to detect carbon monoxide leaks as well as fire.
  • First Alert CO615 – A simple, yet very effective plug-in device that monitors carbon monoxide levels.
  • First Alert CO600 – An inexpensive, compact and light-weight, plug-in carbon monoxide alarm for the home.

Kidde Fire Alarms

  • Kidde PLC-0976-9997 – Loud enough to wake everyone in a 2 story house, 5 stars!
  • Kidde PI9000 – Quickly detects an open flame as well as a smouldering flame with both sensors.
  • Kidde KN-COSM-B – The Kidde talking alarm will alert you to Fire, Carbon Monoxide, Low Battery, or Smart Hush Activation.
  • Kidde KN-COSM-IB – A wired or battery-operated alarm that detects both carbon monoxide and smoke.
  • Kidde I12060 – Clever ionization alarm detects an open flame faster than other standard alarms.
  • Kidde I12040 – A simply cheap but reliable alarm. Perfect!


fire alarmMiscellaneous

  • Fluke CO-220 – Takes quick and accurate measurements of CO levels and alerts the user if they are high.
  • Safety Siren Pro Series HS71512 –  A digital device that provides continuous monitoring of the level in the surrounding air samples in your home.